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Visual Confidence Training – 10.-11. Juli 2018 (auf Englisch)


Tuesday 10 July and Wednesday 11 July 2018.


KaosPilots Swizerland, Wylerringstrasse 36, 3012 Bern, Switzerland.


Sketchy Solutions, together with Mona Ebdrup, offers two days of teaching and practise of Visual Literacy.

Visual Literacy is based on the notion that pictures, sketches, drawings can be “read” and that meaning can be communicated through a process of seeing. Understanding the building blocks of visual literacy allows one to: make complex information simple to understand, create clarity for self and group, understanding the bigger picture, make notes easier to recall and share.

The workshop will focus on the following elements:

…Visual language:How to break down visual literacy into easy-to-use building blocks, and rediscover working with pens and paper.

…Graphic Recording:How to make visual notes for yourself, meetings, conferences, etc. On small and big paper.

…Graphic Facilitation:How to make visual maps and templates that helpsyou guide and direct a course of action.


2 days: 550 CHF1 day: 350 CHFStudents: 1/2 price

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