Sur cette page vous pouvez trouver ce que des clients ont dit (en anglais) à propos de Sketchy Solutions.


We worked with Sketchy Solutions during the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in 2018 in Berlin. The collaboration with Filippo while preparing the panel discussion was very straight forward and to the point. His work during the event was fabulous and the resulting sketch said it all. His work will accompany us around the world. It serves both as a reminder of the discussions we had in Berlin and as a catalyzer for coming work. Thank you Filippo!

Alwin Kopse - Head International Affairs, Sustainable Development, Food Systems (Federal Office for Agriculture)

Working with Filippo has been a very interesting creative process. He could translate the many technical details that characterise our students' mobility programme into images that were both fun and precise. The excellent result was ideal for the promotion of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme. The poster resulted so convincing that it even found a place in the office of Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann.

Amanda Crameri - Head of Division Higher Education (Movetia)

At ETH we were working on a highly complex topic (mapping topics at the fringe of computer sciences) and engaged Pippo's support to help us graphically record the four workshops. He did an excellent job capturing the core topics and support us with sensemaking, even though he is not a topic expert himself (something I was worried about before). We as well as the participants of the workshops were deeply impressed by the drawings and we still use them today to help us design next steps. We can highly recommend working with Pippo.

Niels Rot - Strategic Development (ETH Zürich)

Working with Filippo was a dynamic and highly rewarding experience. He was flexible and responsive, visualizing on the spot the ideas of participants during group brainstorming sessions. It added great value and a fun spirit to the participants’ leadership journey at IMD. Thank you Filippo!

Ina Toegel - Professor of Leadership (IMD)

I had the chance to facilitate a workshop 'Managing Conflict Risks? Opportunities for Extractive Industries' at the Basel Peace Forum 2018. Based on two key inputs held by Philippe LeBillon and Hélène de Villiers, a group of about 25 participants shared experience, knowledge, and opinions about the role, chances, risks, and responsibilities of stakeholders of the extractive industries in conflict-prone areas. Swiss Peace expressed its wish to have the essentials of the inputs and discussion documented and visualized in an attractive form. The cooperation with Filippo Buzzini turned out to be a most appropriate answer to this challenge: He managed to visualize the key elements on two charts. The 'green chart' contains the key inputs of the resource persons; the 'yellow chart' presents as metaphoric picture of a bee-hive the contributions of the participants: 'Honey to be consumed for managing future risks'. Big thanks to Filippo for this memorable visualization of the results!

Ernst Bolliger - Workshop facilitator (EB Consult)

Working with Filippo @Sketchysolutions was a great experience, we worked together ahead of the meeting to discuss about the topics on the table and plan the reporting style and approach. Filippo adapted to our needs and made a great job during the event. I recommend him to bring a dynamic and creative touch to your events!

Audrey Frith - Director (Eurodesk Brussels Link)

It was a pleasure to work with Filippo. He distilled many complex stories into a very tangible overview. That process was super helpful for us internally and also externally. His drawing is the first thing our guests see when they arrive and we use it weekly as a support for explaining our project and process. Please don't underestimate the power of a visual overview.

Kristoffer Rasmussen - Co-Founder (Happy [Bern] Lab)