Visualisation have an educational goal. They  can help you to understand or explain a subject better. With this type of solutions I can help you visualise your strategies, ideas and goals, thus making them more clear and understandable for you and for others.

Strategic visualisation of the strategic directions of an infrastructural services company.

Strategic visualisations of three teams for an annual report.

Strategic visualisation of the priorities and challenges of an electricity company.

Strategic visualisation about sustainable cotton.

Strategic visualisation on action strategies in combating racism.

Visualisation for the Insieme Magazine of the interaction between self-determination and protection in the context of guardianship.

Strategic visualisation of the future path of GFZ.

Visualisations for a TV soap opera about countering violent extremism and discrimination in Cameroon.

Strategic visualisation of recommendations about how to integrate people with disabilities into companies.

Strategic visualisation on the criterias that make an ‘ideal radio’ to counter violent extremism in West Africa.

Animation on vision and mission of One Planet Lab.

Visualisations for a radio soap opera about countering violent extremism and discrimination in Mali.

Visualisation of company values and guidelines for a large wall in their office.

Video animation for interviews on circular economy solutions for Switzerland.

Strategic visualisation of LogIn apprentices’ path.

Visual support for the interviews to the candidates of the ZHdK’s ‘Lehrpreis 2020: CS Award for Best Teaching’.

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Strategic visualisation of the results of a workshop by geography PhD students.

Visualisation of programme, templates, key answers and strategic landscape at the Virtual Pause & Reflect workshop for the Voices for Peace programme in West Africa.

Poster of Pro Velo’s principles: vision, mission and values.

Visualisation of the results of a clinical case series on testicular torsion.

Strategic visualisation of the results of a workshop on legal questions in the digital space.

Visualisation of the history of the EVP (European Visual Practitioners) community.

World Health’s organisation’s recommendations on how to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Illustration of the behavioural norms for the collaborators of a large NGO.

Motivational drawing for a kid that needs to take his medecines.

Visualisation of the FlowFest 2019. 06 July 2019, Munich (Germany).

Visualisation of the Slavefreetrade project.

Illustrations for blog articles about the Gender Lab experience.

Poster about future relevant topics for a group of residences for the elderly.

Visualisation for a wedding of the characteristics of the groom and the bride as well as of what unites them.

Visualisations of the steps for data evaluation at the AGUASAN conference. 29 June 2018, Spiez (Switzerland).

Visualisations of the participants’ visions of Switzerland of tomorrow  and of the SDG’s themed workshops at the Collaboratio Helvetica Flagship event on the Gurten. 18 June 2018. Bern (Switzerland).

Visualisation of the concept, ideas, aha!-moments and influence of the Happy [Bern] Lab.

School lesson support for an history teacher explaining the transition from the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Genealogical tree and life path for a wedding which shows where all the invited guests entered the life of the bride and groom.